Your Creator Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Your Creator. This Refund Policy details the conditions under which refunds are offered for services provided on our Micro Digital Services platform.

1. Refund Eligibility

1.1 Service-Based Refunds

Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you, as a buyer (“Client”), are dissatisfied with a service provided by a seller (“Creator”) on our platform, you may request a refund within 30 days of the service delivery date.

1.2 Grounds for Refund

Refunds may be granted in the following circumstances:

  • Failure to deliver the service as described in the listing.
  • Substantial deviations from the agreed-upon requirements.
  • Non-delivery of the service within the specified timeframe.

1.3 Non-Refundable Services

Certain services may be marked as non-refundable, and refunds will not be applicable in these cases. Creators will clearly specify the non-refundable nature of such services in their listings.

2. Refund Process

2.1 Refund Request

To initiate a refund request, Clients must contact Your Creator’s support team at within the specified timeframe. The request must include a detailed explanation of the reasons for the refund.

2.2 Review Process

Upon receiving a refund request, we will review the circumstances to determine eligibility. This may involve communication with both the Client and the Creator involved in the transaction.

2.3 Refund Approval

If the refund request is approved, we will process the refund to the original payment method. Refunds are typically processed within 45 business days from the approval date.

2.4 Notification

The Client will be notified via email once the refund has been approved and processed. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the accuracy of the provided payment information.

3. Dispute Resolution

In the event of disputes regarding refunds, Your Creator may facilitate communication between Clients and Creators to reach an amicable resolution. If no resolution is achieved, Your Creator reserves the right to make a final decision based on the circumstances.

4. Changes to the Refund Policy

We may update this Refund Policy periodically. Users will be notified of any material changes, and continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of these changes.

5. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this refund policy, please contact us at

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